la cucaracha la cucaracha

ya no puede caminar

mari okay
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http://en.wikipedia org/wiki/Montauk_Project,_Aomori


(Deleted comment)
I was gonna post them on the meme using google docs since the list exceeded the limit of characters

google docs crapped on me

sooo now I'm using my journal for this ;3;

... The fact I wound up looking up half of these earlier this morning at school is way too amusing to me asjfksd. /clearly that bored in class

Also I felt like you should know I am 6 and couldn't stop laughing at "Rasputin's penis."

... And I was told once before that apparently a lot of people use "looking for the Jersey Devil" as an excuse to go into the Pine Barrens and do drugs or something, idek...

XD what brought this about?


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