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la cucaracha la cucaracha

ya no puede caminar

mari okay
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Post Con Sale! EVERYTHING'S $1 (well, mostly)

Alright, since con season's over and I'm most likely not gonna sell anything until next year, lemme try selling these over through the internet. I have tons of left over pins and bookmarks from Fanime and Anime Expo, and people had been asking me to sell these online since they couldn't make it to the artist alley.

Unfortunately, I lost my stack of Italy bookmarks. FOUND THEM

As for what I have, let me show you.

All bookmarks are 5.5 x 2 inches and printed on heavy matte card stock I think? It's not cheap paper, I promise. Example.

In this preview, Madoka's the only one with an outline around her. Ignore that, all of them have outlines around them including Madoka. I'm just too lazy to edit this picture.

All buttons are 1.5 inches in diameter.

I have the following left:
Madoka (5) - Homrua (4) - Sayaka (4) - Kyoko (6) - Kyuubey (9) - Mami (4)
N (7) - Hilbert/Black (3) - Hilda/White (5) - Bel/Bianca (8) - Cheren (8)
Italy cat (1) - I <3 Yaoi (8) - Narutoe (15) - XD (5)

I also have Hetalia buttons!

I have the following left:
Romano (17) - Spain (18) - Italy (15) - Chibitalia (8) - Chibimano (8)
Germany (17) - HRE (11) - Prussia (16) - Japan (12) - China (11)
Russia (13) - France (6) - England (20) - America (10)

And last but not least, I also have a Young Justice set.

I have the following left:
Miss Martian (16) - Superboy (15) - Artemis (14) - Kid Flash (13) - Robin (14)


(the bottom ones are the magnets, bro!! Top ones are postcards)


And shipping is an extra dollar unless you're buying a bunch of stuff, just ask. I'll also ship overseas (Shipping is $3 if you're outside the US because of confirmation).

Sorry, Paypal only because most of the time the money never makes it to my place.

Items are limited, so first come first serve!

Oh and Bonus poster stuff. These aren't a dollar.

These are $3 each and they're 8x11 inches

These are... 12x15 and they're $8 each!

That England and Hong Kong ones is my last one! Also, there's a rip so I'll sell it for $5. The rest are still $8.

Shipping for the posters are $5 and they'll be sent in indestructible poster tubes! I'll only ship these within the US, though. Sorry, guys ;C;

Can I get 2 each of all the Puella Magi pins and bookmarks? Shipping would be to 26757

double checking, 2 of each bookmark and pins (24 items) right?


I actually only had 1 Kyuubey button left, so I'm only able to send one, but I do have everyone else. Is that alright with you?

That's fine!

alright, that'll be $26 ($23 + $3 shipping)! Please send the amount to gynophobic[at]gmail.com under personal>gift and leave your name and address on the note. Thanks!